Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

Evolving System of Material and Performance: Four Hands Typology (Part 1)

This is a part project for my studio entitled: Evolving System of material and performance tutored by Prof. Achim Menges, Sean ahlquist, Prof. Johan Bettum and Anton Savov .

I will post  the video in several parts, since  it was a quite big project. The project focused in the research of membrane typology, spring simulation and translation of the computational design into physical model.

The main concept of the prototype is: Research of branching typology using minimal surface. The end result of the computational Design is shown below:

I want to go first with description of each typology. There are 4 different type of component in the whole system.

The video above shows spring simulation of one typology in whole prototype. The shown typology in the video is a component with 4 hands.

Structural Analysis of the membrane with Rhino Membrane

The design of four hands component in 3d model(above).

Picture of four hands component from physical model hardened with Epoxy+Resin.

The topological preferences of this component is similar to Schoen F-RD minimal surface, which founded by Alan Schoen.
Schoen Surface is described in the internet page of Susquehanna University ( as: "Unit cell with tetrahedral symmetry which has a central chamber with tubes to alternating corners of the cube. This is actually only an eighth of a lattice cell; to get a lattice cell, reflect in the cube faces". 

Another quotation to Schoen Surface is extracted from web page of Indiana University ( as: "This surface, found by Alan Schoen, has the symmetries of a box with square base. It connects with 'Neovius' handles towards the vertices of the box."

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