Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

Tension Active System 01

Simulation video.
This is a very first project I did about tension active system. The research method is focused on simulation of tension active system, and understanding of particle system, spring system and translation between computational design and material.

The system itself is composed from 6 type of membrane - mesh which interconnected with each other to create interdependencies between each membrane.

When a force is applied on a membrane, a membrane will deform and gets longer than its rest length. The force which applied on a membrane is definitely not linear with the spring length. The force applied is exponential to the length deformation, so if we draw it in graphic it would be parabolic. Through physical experiments we can define the material characteristic and bridge the computational and physical simulation.

The mesh in the physical world would be a membrane sheet. Mapping of anchor points throughout the membrane would be essential to know the exact position in the voxel space.

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