Dienstag, 23. November 2010

Catenary with Processing

I just had Processing 1.2.1 workshop since Friday, and we just finished today. The workshop was led by Anton Savov of SAC Frankfurt and Sean Ahlquist of ICD Stuttgart. The workshop was mainly about form finding of Tension Active System with Processing and simong particle library. I tried to write my own script directly after the workshop, trying to make a catenary structure, since I am inspired by cadenary tool of axel killian and the awesome processing script by nils seifert. it' s still very rough and not yet very beautiful.

It's very interesting that simong particle library thinks in a very topological way in comparison with traer physics library. Simong particle just care about the anchor points and the coordination of the springs along the membrane. I assume, with rigorous data manipulation, which can send them back and forth between rhino and processing is an interesting design method. I think with this method, one could make various really great forms.

It was really fun and I will definitely post some more stuff about form finding and Processing in the future.

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