Sonntag, 14. November 2010

Putting the attractor with evolutionary algorithm


This is an experiment with Evolutionary Algorithm component in Grasshopper (my favorite parametric tool) to find a point on the surface, which has the highest value of gaussian curvature, then use it as attractor to define the size of the opening after surface population. Thanks to David Rutten (Galapagos) and Giulio Piacentino (Weaverbird)

I set the generation to 1000 and population to 20. I didn't run the whole algorithm in the video, so that the filesize of the video could be smaller. However after 5 generations we already start to see tendency of where the point might be and also the fitness graphic is starting to be stagnant. Of course if we run the generation to 1000 times, the position would be more exact. 

One further idea, is that we ask galapagos to find exact point on the facade based on the sun exposure, then use it as attractor for surface opening size.

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  1. Is there a definition or tutorial available for download? It would be great help.

    Thank you